Irwin Mazda invites you to check out our new Mazda inventory and start leasing one with our dealership in Freehold, NJ today. Many customers choose leasing as an attractive alternative to long-term auto loans as these flexible contracts provide more short-term financing solutions and affords you the choice of driving the new Mazda you like, with some of the latest in great technology. Let us explore the top five benefits of leasing a new Mazda from Irwin Mazda, located less than a 45-minute drive outside of Brick Township.

Top 5 Benefits of Leasing a New Mazda

  1. Affordability: As lease contracts tend to run on a temporary basis, your down/monthly payments only cover a certain percentage of the vehicle and its total worth. Thus, your monthly payments will likely remain lower in the short-term than with financing.
  2. Technology: While you may lease used cars from us, our best lease specials cover new Mazda models, most of which have some outstanding entertainment and safety features to help benefit your daily drive to East Brunswick.
  3. Warranty: Throughout the course of your lease contract, the Mazda you choose remains covered under its factory-issued warranties. This makes replacement of defective or malfunctioning parts quick and easy with a trip to our service center.
  4. Options: As long as you return the leased vehicle to us in its original-issued condition, with no excessive mileage accumulated, then you will have some options how to proceed once the lease concludes. You can lease another new Mazda from us or buy the vehicle you leased outright.
  5. Savings/Specials: While we already mentioned savings from leasing, it bears repeating as our new leasing specials at Irwin Mazda help make leasing a new car even more attractive. Feel free to check out our new Mazda lease specials to see what might fit your needs.

Test Drive a New Mazda Today

Our sales team at Irwin Mazda invites you to test drive a new car and check out our Mazda lease specials today. You will find us located at 4000 Route 9 South in Freehold, come see us today!