The world is facing an unprecedented event with the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure that Mazda's customers do not face any extra added challenges, the automaker is taking steps to assist their current customers.

Helping Customers with Loan and Lease Assistance

With the shutdown of most of the country, many Mazda customers from Brick and East Brunswick will have a difficult time keeping up with the payments. To assist, Mazda Capital Services is offering payment finance assistance. Also, Mazda is offering lease end extensions for those who would like extra flexibility with their lease terms.

For those who would like to return their vehicle, Mazda can provide special assistance to better coordinate the return of the vehicle. Finally, Mazda greatly values its Military customers. The automaker is offering additional benefits to active service personal.

Convenient Ways to Make Payments

During this time of social distancing, Mazda is making it easier than ever for their customers. Currently, Mazda offers five ways for customers to send their payments. Mazda customers can make their payments in person at their Mazda dealership. Payments can also be made by phone, by mail, online at via Chase Autoserving or using the Chase Mobile App. Finally, New Jersey customers can also make payments by visiting their nearest Chase bank branch.

Staying in Touch with Customer Service

To ensure that customers have easy access to Mazda customer service, the automaker has three dedicated lines to handle loan and lease inquires. First, there is the Auto Loan Customer Service at 1-866-984-7718. Next, there is the Auto Lease Customer Service at 1-866-984-7716. Finally, there is the Lease-End Department line at 1-877-506-1198. Mazda is working hard to ensure wait times on all of these lines is as short as possible.

Committed to Our Customers Through This Situation

The team at Irwin Mazda understands the extraordinary challenges that people are facing at the moment. That's why the automaker is taking any and all steps to assist their customers as much as possible. Going forward, Mazda will continue to assist its customers as long as it is necessary.

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